Hello there!

When someone asks me, ‘And, what do you do?’ I can’t help but smile because, like you, I’m a multi-faceted individual with a lot of different experiences and knowledge. I’m Mariana, and here’s a glimpse into the many hats I wear.

I delved into the world of film direction during my academic journey because, let’s be real, since I was 12, I practically turned my family into stars of my own documentary—they were good stars, even if they got a bit tired of my camera, hahah- Anyway, in film school I honed my skills in crafting compelling narratives. Also, photography became my passion, freezing moments in time that tell unique stories. Developing video editing and Photoshop skills, giving life to visuals that captivate.

Beyond the lens, I’m not just an actress; I’m a storyteller who loves to bring narratives to life. 

I’m passionate about finance, saving and investing. On the side, I curate and sell products that celebrate body positivity with vulva-inspired designs. As an immigrant, a Latina, and a proud woman, every aspect of my identity contributes to the vibrant palette that shapes my perspective.

So, whether you’re a personal brand, a rising startup, or a bigwig brand hunting for a visual storyteller, I bring a unique mix of creativity, tech savvy, and a dash of quirkiness to the table. Let’s join forces and whip up something seriously cool together.